4 Ways to Get Rid of Holiday Fat (Without Surgery)

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People report experiencing unwanted weight gain following the fall and winter holiday season each year. And each year we make resolutions to drop the weight, planning healthy diets and regular exercise regimens with the expectation it will all melt away. But the truth is, despite our best efforts, body fat can deposit in areas that are difficult to breakdown through diet and exercise alone. It can be incredibly discouraging if that work fails to deliver the results you want. But here are several options available to combat those trouble areas and lose the holiday fat for good.

Cavitation is one such option, and its appeal is that it’s a non-invasive procedure. Ultrasound waves are used to attack fat cell membranes while leaving other cells intact. This destroys the fat cells, allowing the body to naturally metabolize them. It has the additional benefits of tightening the skin of the applied area and revitalizing collagen, helping skin maintain its elasticity. However, cavitation isn’t the ideal solution for everyone. Unlike more common procedures targeting fat reduction, cavitation is used to treat trouble spots in those who are already close to their target weight and only treats small areas.

CoolSculpting is another non-invasive procedure. Much like cavitation, it’s intended for those who are near their ideal weight but are having difficulty with trouble spots (like double chin or underarms). It isn’t a weight loss solution and should be seen as such. Instead, CoolSculpting permanently freezes away the fat cells causing bulges and rolls. This form of body contouring is perfect for those with busy schedules because it requires no downtime to recover. CoolSculping allows for unique customization of treatment, allowing you to address multiple areas of your body.

If partaking in holiday cheer left you with a double chin, Kybella is a non-surgical procedure that can greatly reduce the amount of fat beneath the chin. Kybella treatment involves the simple injection of synthetic deoxycholic acid. In its natural form, deoxycholic acid occurs within the body and serves to breakdown dietary fat so that it can be metabolized. The whole process can take up to twelve weeks, and many patients require more than one injection during that time.

Fat Reduction

But if you’re uncomfortable with the thought of needles and injections, there’s a CoolSculpting solution that addresses pesky double chin as well. It’s called CoolMini and it works the exact same way, freezing fat cells to reduce their appearance. The difference between CoolMini and CoolSculpting, however, is size and shape. CoolMini treatments are done with a handheld piece that’s uniquely contoured to fit the chin, middle of and sides of the neck, and the jawline. As with CoolSculpting, there’s no downtime for recovery. Best of all, patients see results after one or two treatments.

When exercise and diet fail to shed off those persistent holiday pounds, it may be tempting to look into surgery first. But these four non-invasive procedures can be just as powerful without the need to go under the knife.


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