Brow Lift

Are your brows sagging? Are you looking for brow rejuvenation?

Gold standard for obtaining a brow lift is surgery. However, some eyebrows may be lifted with Botox and fillers. There are some non-surgical skin tightening procedures that can provide some brow lifting and rejuvenation. Brows can droop or sag for a number of reasons. Most commonly, it’s due to volume loss in bone and soft tissue supporting the brow.

There are several ways lift methods. First, Botox can be used to create a subtle lift and thus a subtle eyelid lift. Botox can treat drooping in the eye area and makes the area appear more rejuvenated. This procedure requires a skilled injector who understands the anatomy of the eyebrow area and the proper use of Botox. Injecting Botox into the muscles that pull the medial ends of the brows down can cause the eyebrows to elevate and lift upwards giving the impression of a lift. Botox relaxes muscles so, if injected in the wrong place, can cause descent of the brow.

You can add a dermal filler, under the brow to prop it up and give the appearance of a lift. Skin tightening treatments may be helpful. Often a combination of neuromodulators such as Botox, fillers and skin tightening treatments maybe needed to get a longer lasting result.

Brow shaping is an advanced technique that requires an experienced, skilled injector who has a very detailed understanding of the underlying anatomy. Each individual must receive a brow-elevation assessment. Incorrect assessment or product placement can lead to a reverse effect, so technique and assessment are vitally critical.

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