Lip Lines

What to do with those pesky wrinkles and lines that appear around the mouth and lips! Wrinkles around mouth are probably the biggest reason you look older than you are. They are challenging to fix, but now there are affordable procedures you can do to improve them without surgery. Lip lines around the mouth are often called periorbital wrinkles, smile lines (nasolabial lines), marionette lines, and vertical lip lines. Sometimes they may even be called “smoker lines,” but they aren’t necessarily caused from smoking. Everybody will eventually get some lines as they age, smokers just get them earlier!

There are a variety of treatments that can help treat these fine lines and wrinkles. Injectables fillers can be used very effectively to add volume and fill in wrinkle lines. Laser resurfacing, Genius by Lutronic, microneedling or chemical peels are designed to help produce new skin cells and collagen for smoother and healthier skin. When you combine one of these technologies with fillers you get the best and most comprehensive improvement in this deeper skin layer. Botox may also be added to relax wrinkle-expression lines.

Injecting fillers requires careful technique, attention to detail and an artist’s skill. It also requires someone experienced who not only knows how to best avoid complications, but knows how to manage the unfortunate complication should it occur. It takes a lot more than a weekend course to make someone expert in these matters.

If you are interested in finding out more about lip enhancement call us today to schedule a consultation with Cindy McClure NP who is experienced in facial rejuvenation. She is board certified and a highly-skilled injector who will give you very natural-looking appearance.

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