Hyperpigmentation! Hypopigmentation! Melasma! Lentigines! Vitiligo! Brown Spots! Liver Spots! Age Spots! Freckles! White Spots!

So Confusing!! Do you have patches of uneven skin discoloration? Clients with facial pigmentation conditions may become so self-conscious that it can lead to anxiety and depression. Thus, these conditions deserve serious attention.

Hyperpigmentation, sometimes called melasma, is caused by overactive melanocytes cells producing excess melanin (pigment) causing dark spots. Hypopigmentation (loss of skin color) is the reduction of melanin the melanocytes cells produce and is sometimes called vitiligo or skin depigmentation.

All these pigment conditions can be tricky, challenging and stubborn to treat. CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Nd Yag, IPL Photofacial using intense pulsed light, and chemical peels are frequently recommended for hyperpigmentation. Light-based treatments are used for hypopigmentation. Finding an experienced clinician and close follow-up is extremely important. If improperly administered, treatments can make pigment conditions worse.

Medical topical products can be used in conjunction with these treatments to help with pigmentation resolution. If you are experiencing skin pigmentation issues, you need to be very careful about sun exposure until the pigment resolves. Be sure to wear a broad spectrum sunblock or a physical sunscreeen of at least 30 SPF.

If you are suffering with pigment conditions, please call us today for a free comprehensive skin analysis and see how we can help you reach your aesthetic goal.

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