Shave Bumps

Tired of shaving? Yes, many clients are and laser hair removal is one of the top, non-invasive procedures requested for shave bumps, sometimes called razor bumps or beard bumps.

Razor bumps is another name for an inflammatory condition known as pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB). Shave bumps results from shorn hairs curling back upon themselves. As the hair curls back, it penetrates the skin, triggering an immune response by the body that causes the formation of small papules creating an ingrown hair. These inflamed bumps can lead to Folliculitis (inflammation) which can result in scarring & hyperpigmentation. Though almost anyone can suffer from this skin condition, shave bumps is predominately seen in African-American and Mediterranean descent men because of their curly, coarse hair. Laser Hair removal is effective on all skin tones; however, gray, white/silver, blonde and some shades of red hair cannot be treated.

Another common shaving issue is red bumps or razor burn that can occur after shaving for some individuals. This occurs because the hair follicle is irritated. Laser hair removal is an option for this condition too.

Laser Hair Removal can often be life changing for people with severe folliculitis and sensitive skin. It is important to find an experienced clinician who will be able to assess your condition, chose the correct laser and proper settings. We are a Laser Board-Certified practice and have been providing laser hair removal from many years treating many successful clients.

If you are ready to stop shaving and get rid of unwanted hair, call us today for a free consultation to find out more about Laser Hair Removal.

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