Unwanted Fat/Bulges

With the latest, advanced technology, you don’t need surgery to get rid of stubborn, unwanted bulges! It’s called stubborn fat for a reason! No matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it can be difficult to lose those annoying muffin tops and love handles. Until recently, the only option to treat unwanted fat and bulges was liposuction. Now there are exciting non-surgical solutions for permanently ridding the body, chin and neck of unwanted extra fat.

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive fat-reduction treatment! CoolSculpting blasts and eliminates fat in areas such as abdomen, "love handles", thighs, bra bulges, arms, and knees. To reduce fat in the chin and neck area, we offer CoolSculpting CoolMini and Kybella.

Through the use of specially designed applicators for precision results, CoolSculpting freezes and kills targeted fat cells which are then safely and naturally eliminated from the body over time. Each treatment area lasts about an hour or less and is very comfortable in our specially designed CoolSculpting room. Results can possibly be seen after a month with the greatest improvement being achieved 2 to 3 months following treatment. With proper assessment and application placement, our patients are experiencing spectacular results.

Kybella is exclusively for the double chin and improves moderate to severe fat beneath the chin. A series of injections break down and absorb fat, reducing chin size causing shaping in the jawline. The procedure is quick and icing is recommended post treatment to minimize swelling. Throughout the weeks following your procedure, you should begin to see your results taking shape.

If you are seeking a non-invasive body or neck contouring, with no downtime, call us today to schedule a free assessment and consultation.

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