Medical acne extractions are extremely beneficial for clients that have oily or acne prone skin. This treatment focuses on cleansing and prevention of acne. Our estheticians are specifically trained and experienced in acne extraction techniques. Extractions aide in cleansing of the pores and helping to prevent future breakouts

This treatment is designed to bring acne under control, give you a break from everyday breakouts and is a total deep pore cleansing of the skin.

Acne begins with a clogged pore. If you are acne prone the dead cells that slough off daily mix with oil becoming sticky. Instead of sloughing off, they clog your pores, trapping oil and bacteria inside. With the overproduction of oil, or sebum, the skin hardens or oxidizes forming blackheads or comedones.

The extraction treatment starts by first loosening the hair follicles with steam and a gentle cleanse of the face. Extractions are then performed as gently as possible. While each person’s pain tolerance varies, most say it’s a bearable treatment. If any milia are present they are also extracted. Milia are the white, pearly bumps under the skin.

Call us today to schedule an extraction treatment and see how we can help you bring your acne under control. If you suffer from acne, you know it’s more than just a few pimples. Its emotional impact is beyond skin deep.

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