Cosmetic New Year’s Resolutions

Her Cosmetic Resolutions

What is your New Year’s resolution? Perhaps you promised yourself that you would start hitting the gym more often or that you’d make an effort to eat all of your leafy greens. Healthy goals are good! They help us feel good and look better. But don’t forget self-care in the rush to meet your new goals. Check out these low commitment resolutions that should be on everyone’s list!

Book A Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Tired of shaving every other week? Laser hair removal is a trendy procedure that involves removing hair from any part of the body through pulses of laser light. Laser hair removal is effective because it specifically targets hair follicles. Unlike with threading or waxing, you won’t have to worry about unsightly ingrown hairs, either. With four to six sessions you can expect permanent hair removal.

Exfoliate Your Whole Body

What better way to pamper yourself than by exfoliating from head to toe? Exfoliating removes all the dead skin cells from the body that cause rough and dry skin. As a result, moisturizer is able to penetrate through the skin more effectively. That means that you’ll have healthy and glowing skin. And, believe it or not, exfoliation can also help prevent breakouts and other skin blemishes because it clears pores of dirt and oils and helps kill off any lingering bacteria. If you suffer from clogged pores or high pigmentation, exfoliating can be of great benefit. Dermaplaning is a new way of exfoliating skin by removing both dead skin cells and vellus hair, which is also known as “peach fuzz.”

Perfect Sense Paraffin Hand Treatments

Everyone should have soft and smooth hands. The Perfect Sense Paraffin Hand Treatment is a moisturizing system that soothes rough skin and creates supple hands. It uses antioxidant infusions and vitamins like A, C, E, D and B-12 that deeply penetrate your skin. Antioxidant infusions supply nutrients to the targeted skin, preventing dryness, cracking and irritations. The paraffin system heats up organically, too, eliminating the need for electricity. This luxurious hand treatment system can even be beneficial in treating arthritis by soothing aching joints and muscles.

Don’t Forget the Facial Masks

Facial masks should be your best friend this year. Incorporating them into your skincare routine can be extremely beneficial to your skin. They help address problems like oily skin, dryness, clogged pores, and pimples. Facial masks also refresh and replenish the skin.

It’s time to make this year about you. Rejuvenating and taking care of your body puts you in a great position to be the best “you” possible. Are you ready for what 2019 has in store for you?


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