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Southern Cosmetic Laser is one of South Carolina’s leading providers of laser-based surgeries. There are, however, many things sold by Southern Cosmetic which do not involve surgery. These include a wide range of some of the finest skin care and eyelash products in the market. These include offerings from Glo-Therapeutics, Refissa, RevitaLash, and Lira.

Learn more about each below:


Glo-Therapeutics Product

Glo-Therapeutics offers a line of anti-aging skin care products. There are a variety of different products offered by Glo-Therapeutics which are available at Southern Cosmetic including:

  • A facial cleanser designed with salicylic acid, scrubbing beads, and apple enzyme which combine together to clear away unwanted acne

  • A facial treatment designed with benzoyl peroxide, aloe, and rosemary to clear away blemishes

  • Facial pads including salicylic acid, citric acid, and spearmint for a clear complexion

  • A refining mask which includes sulfur, zinc, and tea tree oil

All of these are designed to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Taken together, the Glo-Therapeutics product line has helped many people attain a more youthful appearance.


Refissa Product

Refissa is a topic cream which has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to help clear away mottled hyperpigmentation to improve skin texture. It is the only such topical to be approved by the FDA, and it is available at Southern Cosmetics.

Hyperpigmentation causes dark patches to appear on the skin. This is often the result of excessive melanin. While hyperpigmentation is generally harmless, it creates multi-colored patches across the face or other parts of the body that are often undesirable. Fortunately, Refissa can fix this problem.

Regular usage of Refissa can also be used to repair other damage caused by the sun, reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, and smooth skin so that it is softer to the touch.

Lira Clinical

Lira Clinical Product

Created by a team of four skincare professionals, Lira is another advanced skincare product sold by Southern Cosmetic. It is designed for three primary purposes:

  1. Increasing the brightness and radiance of the skin’s general appearance

  2. Healing damaged skin with a series of various mineral, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients

  3. Decreasing the effects of age by using peptides, plant stem cells, and other technology to increase the anti-aging function of the topical


Revitalash Product

Unlike the products offered by Glo-Therapeutics, Refissa, and Lira which are focused on the skin, RevitaLash is focused on eyelashes. They offer a number of different products that can help to improve the appearance of eyelashes.

  • RevitaLash Advanced is a unique offering which works to condition, revitalize, and beautify otherwise lackluster lashes. Thin and weak eyelashes are thickened and strengthened by increasing protection against lash breakage, moisturizing the hairs and follicles, improving the overall radiance of eyelashes, increasing their flexibility, and defending against the effects of pollution and other environmental factors.
  • RevitaLash Primer, to be applied before mascara, thickens, lengthens, and strengthens lashes
  • RevitaLash Mascara which performs similar functions as a primer but is meant to be applied after a layer of primer has already been used

Using RevitaLash Advanced with its primer and mascara can do wonders for your eyelashes.


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