Sclerotherapy is an office procedure performed by injecting a scleroising medication into unsightly leg vessels. This procedure is considered a “Gold Standard” for treating leg veins when there is an absence of vascular reflux. It is important to evaluate for this condition, hence, a more surgical approach may be needed to address this condition.

There are basically three types of leg veins. Sclero best targets type I and type II. Type I and II consist of very small, reddish-colored leg veins, commonly known as spider veins. Type II vessels, known as reticular vessles, tend to be a little larger, and are usually bluish in color.

SCL uses a special vein light to visualize vessels below the skin that are not visible on the surface, and a medicine, sodium tetradecyl sulfate, is then injected into the vessels. This medication causes damage to the vessel and over a 6-8 week period, your body naturally metabolizes the “dying vessel”. SCL outlines a special post procedure regimen where a pair of Medical-grade stockings is to be worn for optimal results during the recovery period.

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