Massage Add-Ons

Elevate Your Massage Experience With These Add-Ons:

Starry Eye Mask/Steamy Silk Head Wrap Add-on
Enjoy the wonders of our head & neck steam canopy while cocooning yourself into one of our silk head wraps. Soon after you will find yourself in a starry gaze with our warming eye mask that will soothe your tired eyes.
Sound Bath Add-on
Using special harmonically rich instruments, you will be immersed in an acoustic field that will help calm and restore the central nervous system.
CBD Topical Warming Salve Add-on

Our CBD salve is an all-natural formulation of premium botanical ingredients and is THC-free. 

Applied to areas of pain and/or inflammation such as achy joints and over worked muscles. 

Cupping Therapy Add-on

This treatment helps to increase circulation and resolve chronic muscle tightness. Cupping also gives your body a boost in releasing built up toxins. 

Muscle Meltdown Add-on

Every deep tissue lover’s dream. This treatment combines massage cupping, hot towels, pain relieving BioFreeze Gel and cool marble stones for the ultimate hot/cold therapy.

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