“RevitaLash was created to revitalize the mind, body & spirit!”

RevitaLash began with just one product, a unique eyelash conditioner, created by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff for his loving wife, Gayle, in his desire to help her feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer. From the original product, inspired by love, RevitaLash has developed an entire collection that revitalizes the natural beauty and inner spirit of all women.

The Ultimate Lash Regimen

RevitaLash Advanced is a unique eyelash conditioner that is designed to enhance thin or weak eyelashesand transform them into the luxuriously natural eyelashes of your dreams.

RevitaLash works on three levels – to condition, to revitalize, and beautify – aiming to address the most common issues of lackluster lashes.

RevitaLash provides intense conditioning to eyelashes offering protection against breakage, adding a boost of moisture, promoting shine, improving flexibility, and defending against environmental factors. With daily use, you can experience healthier, youthful, luxurious eyelashes.

To further enhance your lashes try RevitaLash Primer and Mascara to volumize and define your lashes.

The Ultimate Brow Regimen

RevitaBrow Advance enhances, strengthens and conditions natural eyebrows that may appear damaged from over styling or environmental effects. Gentlemen can also use RevitaBrow Advanced to enhance the appearance of sideburns, beards, & goatees.

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