Lutronic Infini

INFINI by Lutronic is a game changer in the world of RF devices.

INFINI surpasses other devices by being able to heat the dermis layer without damaging the epidermis layer. Research shows that heating the dermis to 40-45 degrees Celsius will cause collagen stimulation and contraction. (See D in the diagram.) INFINI does its “magic” by delivering a precise amount of energy into the dermis.

INFINI uses insulated needles which are 200 microns (small). The energy is transmitted between the needles which results in true fractional RF ablation in the dermal tissue. The surface tissue is safe because the needles are at a level that won’t transmit energy to the epidermis.

With INFINI RF, we can get the energy down to the level needed with more accuracy and more safety. INFINI delivers the right combination of the transmission of energy through their needle tips, as well as, having variable depths to be the ideal RF Skin Tightener at the present time.

INFINI has a broad list of treatable indications including acne scars, skin tightening on the body, and improving fine lines and wrinkles of facial skin. INFINI is safe for all skin types.

Southern Cosmetic Laser is the only SC provider of this advanced technology.

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