Helps relieve the pain and anxiety during any procedure!

Are you worried about pain or stressed about a procedure?  Let us tell you how we help take “the edge off” with the most ‘ideal’ anti-pain machine.

PRO-NOX™ is changing the way pain relief is administered and helping men and women feel more confident during procedures. Southern Cosmetic Laser offers PRO-NOX laughing gas (50% of nitrous oxide and oxygen) to clients who are concerned about the pain they may experience during a procedure.

PRO-NOX™ is self-administered by the client, so they can be comfortable with the amount of gas they are receiving and can adjust it based on their individual needs. You are in control! The gas is inhaled through the mouth and takes effect almost immediately. The amount of PRO-NOX™ required varies by patient, but this is what makes the self-administered system so successful.

Unlike other pain medication in pill/needle form, there are no lasting effects and you will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment.  

If you are concerned about the pain that may be caused by your procedure, Pro-Nox may be your answer. Call today to find out more.