Nova Threads

Nova Threads can be inserted almost anywhere, but are especially effective in the neck and jawline. The lower
third of the face is the most challenging to treat. These threads are safe and effective. They are made out of a
dissolvable material called PDO (polydioxanone). PDO sutures are the same, safe material used by surgeons.
As the thread is broken down by the body, new collagen stimulation begins.

Nova Thread Benefits:
Collagen Stimulation
Smooth Wrinkles
Tighten Saggy skin
Lip Augmentation
and more…

With aging and gravity, a beautiful and healthy "V-shape face" diminishes or inverts. With Nova threads and
an experienced injector using the advanced Nova techniques, the “V-shape” appearance may be re-created
where it’s been lost.

Treatments are individualized and can create an immediate lift (Nova Lyft) and can be used to create a mesh
complex in areas that need tightening and texturizing (Nova Mesh). Threads do not replace dermal fillers like
Restylane and Juvederm. Combining threads, fillers, lasers and other nonsurgical facial treatments can create a
stackable treatment for even more optimal results. Call for a free consultation to learn more.

Before and After