Powder Ombre Brows

Powder ombre eyebrows Charleston Southern Cosmetic Laser

Wake up every morning with perfectly shaped natural-looking eyebrows by Charleston Microblading Artist, Lina.

Powder brows, also called soft shading or ombrè brows is a technique somewhat similar to microblading but has some additional advantages. Instead of merely using strokes to fill in eyebrow hairs, the needle is used to draw both dashes and dots on the targeted area. This brow-enhancing method will give you a soft natural “lightly shaped with pencil” eyebrow look.

This is the best option for individuals with oily skin. This technique is also suitable for individuals with normal-to-dry skin types as well. A digital machine is used for this permanent makeup brow technique.

Powder ombre eyebrows Charleston Southern Cosmetic Laser

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Who Can Benefit from Ombrè Powder Brows?

  • Clients with patchy eyebrows
  • Over-tweezed, under-tweezed brows
  • Best option for clients with oily skin
  • Clients who want perfectly shaped arched eyebrows
  • Clients who prefer a fuller result than microblading
  • Clients who want waterproof, smudge-proof brows
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • Cancer patients with thinning brows