INFINI is the latest, cutting-edge technology for tightening skin and treating acne scars. This unique, FDA approved technology targets wrinkles, scarring, and sagging skin. INFINI is safe for all skin types. This device tightens the skin and stimulates collagen by combining radiofrequency (RF) energy and microneedling. INFINI does its “magic” by delivering a precise amount of energy into the dermis. Typically, redness is gone within 24-72 hours and makeup can be applied.

This is considered an advanced technique, so it is important to choose someone experienced in this technology. We recommend choosing someone who is well trained and board-certified. Southern Cosmetic Laser is the only SC provider. Our staff is experienced and we have performed many INFINI procedures.

Call today to schedule your free consultation to see if INFINI is right for you. We can provide you with many before and after photos so you can see for yourself the amazing results.

Before and After