Genius by Lutronic

Genius by Lutronic

The Genius by Lutronic is one of the newest anti-aging technologies. It is used as an anti-aging tool to treat deep tissue layers to reverse the effects of time and gravity on the skin. Wrinkles are a common consequence of aging and can make people look older than they really are. Genius uses a microneedle to direct radiofrequency (RF) energy to deeper tissue layers and has real-time feedback to allow physicians to control energy delivery consistency during treatment.  In other words, data about the treatment is generated as the procedure continues, so the doctor can make adjustments immediately. As a result, there is excellent control over both energy intensity of depth of delivery.

Benefits of Genius

Treatments with Genius by Lutronic are highly customizable for age, skin type, sun damage, anatomical location, and skin thickness. An added benefit to treatment with Genius is the stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, which improves the strength and the elasticity of the skin. The system allows precise measurement of the radiofrequency energy delivered to the target and keeps the delivered amount of energy constant despite changing resistance. One of the most common applications of the Genius technique is to tighten the skin around the jawline and neck.

Treatment with Genius is very versatile, and besides wrinkle treatment, uses include skin tightening, removing acne scars, reducing hyperhidrosis (too much sweating), and improving crepey skin. Skin of all pigment types can be treated, as well as tanned skin. Risk of hyperpigmentation is low. The number of treatments needed depends on your personal goals and the condition to be treated. Optimal results can be achieved in two to three treatments. Results are not permanent but can last years.

About the Instrument

The instrument that delivers the radiofrequency energy is a collection of needles that easily penetrate tissue, ensuring that the delivered energy bypasses the surface layer (epidermis) of the skin. Delivery of the radiofrequency energy directly to the dermis eliminates the need to cool the epidermis and makes the procedure less painful. The needles are both sterile and insulated, and energy is delivered at the tips.

Genius by Lutronic

Anti-Aging & Acne Scarring Treatment Option

Some of the conditions Genius is most successful at treating are anti-aging in nature as well as acne scarring. After treatment, healing is literally inside out and makes for smoother and more scar-free skin. Results for acne treatment, as they are for other kinds of conditions, are very natural in appearance and require minimal recovery time.

Side Effects of Genius Treatments

Side effects are generally mild as Genius has integral safety features that prevent the patient’s skin from overheating as the radiofrequency energy is applied. Treated areas may appear sunburned, but only for a day or two. It is a minimal downtime laser treatment with pain that is generally minimal. While either topical or injectable anesthetics may be used, patients report only feeling pressure or warmth.  Mild swelling and temporary bruising can occur. Downtime of two to four days is fairly typical, though the complete resolution of side effects after the procedure is completed can take up to a week.

For more information about Genius treatments, or to find out if this option is right for you, contact Southern Cosmetic Laser and discover the difference personalized treatment can make.


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