Laser hair removal is now the best method for quickly removing unwanted body hair and is perhaps the best compromise between ease of treatment and longevity of results. It is not always a permanent solution, but once enough treatments have been done, it may be months before the hair needs to be removed again. Laser hair removal does, however, cause permanent hair reduction. After treatment, hair regrows, but not as much, or as thick. Traditional methods, like waxing and shaving, do not permanently remove hair either, though they can be fairly quick. Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved treatment that permanently removes hair, but it can be difficult to find a skilled practitioner.

Laser hair removal is a very commonly performed procedure. It is not just for women, either – laser hair removal for men is also popular. The procedure uses laser light directed at the hair follicle. This is especially effective against hair with color but perhaps not as much with white or gray hair. Laser hair removal can be done for both lighter and darker skinned people. Generally, before being treated, it is important to refrain from other hair removal treatments for at least one month before the laser treatment. Make sure your hair is trimmed closely, either the day before the treatment or a few hours before it is performed. Laser hair removal takes six to eight treatments that are generally spaced out four to six weeks apart.


Treatments are brief, and the patients can go back to work or their usual routines the same day. Laser treatment of unwanted hair is especially noteworthy for women passing through menopause. Due to hormonal changes, circulating levels of androgens (male hormones) may rise, causing hirsutism, or the growth of hair in areas formerly with little or no hair. For women, that includes near the lip, chin, chest, and abdomen. Laser treatment is an excellent solution even for sensitive skin near the lips.

Of course, men also benefit from laser hair removal, and not just because men are hairier. Men can sometimes have robust growth of hair in areas where women don’t (or at least not nearly as much), like inside their noses or on their ears. Lasers can also be used for facial shaving bumps. Just about any area of the body can be treated, including chest, back, and stomach. Laser treatment can even help remove large areas of hair growth.

Laser hair removal is a quick and nearly painless way to significantly reduce hair on just about any area of the body. The treatment is quick, too, and gentle enough that you can go back to work the same day. So, why not go hairless?