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Southern Cosmetic Laser Skin Product Line Charleston
We have something for everyone!

Our Southern Cosmetic Laser products are medical grade, result-oriented products with high quality ingredients backed by research and science. With the latest in technology, ingredients and delivery system, Southern Cosmetic Laser is at the forefront of the industry to deliver our customers the maximum skin results.

Southern Cosmetic Laser Skin Product Line Charleston

We have an array of products targeting specific skin concerns including barrier health, color correction, texture, acne, anti-aging, anti-redness, hyperpigmentation, brighteners and much more!

Ingredients such as green tea extracts, hyaluronic acid, peptides, alpha hydroxy acids, hydroquinone and retinol target all skin concerns ranging from sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, laxity and overall barrier health concerns.

Our Products

We have a variety of cleanses to address specific needs. With blends of beta hydroxy acids and alpha hydroxy acids to address textural and aging concerns or soothing, antioxidants with botanicals to nourish and treat sensitive skin types.

Exfoliants & Treatments Pads: We offer a variety of treatment pads and exfoliants to target pigmentation, photo aging, brightening, exfoliation and assist in cellular turn over and overall anti-aging concerns.

Hydrators: Our hydrators include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and squalene to work on barrier health, texture, plumping and bind moisture in the skin. 

SPF: We have our own mineral based tinted sunscreen for eyes and face with a blend of titanium, zinc, and hyaluronic acid and peptides for ultimate protection, hydration and more!

Brightening Serums & Specialty Serums: Our specialty serums include high quality vitamin C, antioxidants, peptides and moisturizing agents to help target overall complexion, brighten, assist with fines lines and wrinkles, environmental damage and overall skin health.

Retinol Serums: Our retinol body serum treats those concerned with cellulite, stretch marks, tone and overall concerns of aging on the body. We offer retinol peel pads.

Eye Lash Serums: We have specialty products that include a clinically backed lash serum to assist in the growth and strengthening of lashes.

We are here to customize your personal routine focused on your individual needs. We are ready to get you started on your skin journey!

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Southern Cosmetic Laser Skin Product Line Charleston
Southern Cosmetic Laser Skin Product Line Charleston