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Brow – Lip – Full Face

Waxing is a procedure that, when done correctly, can leave your face smooth and free of hair for weeks. When you shave your face, the facial hair is cut off at the surface of the skin, leaving it blunt-edged. When it begins to grow back, it grows in the form of stubble. While a five o’clock shadow is fine for most men, it is unsightly on a woman.

Waxing removes the entire hair shaft, meaning it grows back naturally and without the stubbly look that shaving can cause providing much longer-lasting smooth skin. Most wax jobs, depending on how fast your hair grows, can last up to two weeks. Shaving your face or using a depilatory only lasts up to five days.

There is precision waxing your face – the esthetician has complete control over which parts of your face are waxed and which stay untouched. This is ideal for the small places on your face, such as your eyebrow, that needs waxing and shaping.

We offer brow, lip and full-face waxing.

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